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We started our purebred venture with the idea in mind to raise predictable, realistic, maternal genetics. We wanted time tested proven genetics. The genetics ofN-Bar EXT and Rito 707 were of high interest to us. We felt this was the best combination to achieve maternal quality, muscle, and longjevity. 
In the fall of 2009, we purchased Sinclair Lady 7R30 853, a daughter of Rito Revolve ORS and Majesty 853 of 5439 4465 . We put this outstanding female in 
an embryo program raising elite daughters that have made a remarkable impact on our female base, along with selling five herd bulls to four different seedstock producers in Montana and Wyoming. 


That fall we also purchased, Sinclair BLKBIRD 8RL1 SXB 10, a daughter of Sinclair Rito Legacy and granddaughter ofN Bar EXT. This outstanding female has left us with superb daughters and granddaughters. This has made a remarkable influence in our herd. The dam to HL Thunder Bolt an outstanding son of Rito 7075. 

We are focused on raising proven maternal genetics, easy-fleshing moderate framed cattle with a calm disposition, calving ease and that breed back on time. They must be structurally sound with the ability to hang top-quality carcass values. Our genetics have done a remarkable job in the feedlot and on the rail with carcass data that makes us believe in our program. We start calving the beginning of January using time-tested proven maternal AI sires. Our cows stay in close to the calving facilities and are Artificial inseminated (AI) before going to pasture. 

We wean our calves the end of August each year and the bulls go on a high roughage growth ration. Their weaning weights and data go to the American Angus Association. The bulls stay on a growing ration until our bull sale in March. During their 140 day gain test they are weighed for performance data, PAP tested, ultrasound and fertility tested. 

Our heifer calves are also weaned in late August and weighed and their performance data is sent to the American Angus Association. They stay on a roughage ration for 140 days when their yearling data is collected and sent to the American Angus Association. They remain on their roughage ration until they're AI bred and go to pasture with the mature cows in late May. 
We are always excited to talk about our program. If you want to visit our herd, or just talk cattle give us a call. 


March 16  AT ​1pm

Buffalo, WY
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